Columbia Rowing Boathouse

  • > Time:
    Spring 2018
  • > Location:
    Manhattan, NY
  • > Collab:
    David Lin
  • > Critics:
    Ron Didonno
  • > At:
    Pratt Institute

Located at the intersection of three different neighborhood axes, the design of the boathouse introduces a confluence node where the public can access the building from either axis, and transcend into the upper levels where they can enjoy watching boat races from carefully positioned viewports.

The axial convergence is best manifest inside the building in the main twisting staircase that serves as the main vertical circulation node.

The structure of the building is organized about the principal axes. Main steel columns on concrete footings support long-span girders that in turn support cross 10’-spaced beams. The upper two levels are structurally independent which allows for an interstitial space in between to accommodate for MEP systems and piping.