Happy Stripe Cover

Happy Stripe App

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  • > Collab:
    Jeffrey Anderson
    Kyriaki Goti
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    SomePeople Studio

This project demonstrates the possibility of creating an accurately aligned physical-digital hybrid experience to augment a physical art installation. The Happy Stripe AR app allows users to overlay an interactive digital exhibition on top of a physical art installation in Frederick, Maryland or to experience it remotely from any other location on mobile or desktop platforms. Using the Unity Game Engine’s AR Foundation, WebGL build support, and Photon Unity Networking, we were able to create a multiplayer, multiplatform ecosystem to include as many participants as possible, both remote and in person, in a single AR experience. Multiple users are able to see each other’s names, avatars, and 3-Dimensional positions within the art installation and its surrounding context as well as engage in a simple game to explore the geometry of the art installation.

To download the app please visit Google Play or Apple App Store

You can also visit the web version here